Friday, May 30, 2008

be colorful.

Our new painting arrived yesterday (above)...and I couldn't be more excited about it! I commissioned Chicago based, Anne Leuck Feldhaus to paint a picture of our dear old Basset Hounds who passed away last year. It was a gift for my husband's birthday. She did an amazing job and captured the essence of our dogs. So so sweet.

A video of herself painting the piece is on her blog.

She also has an Etsy store with little prints and things to buy. I love her style!


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

spread the love.

I love Mohop shoes. Here's why: I love that they are made by hand. I love getting to choose what ribbon I use to tie them. I LOVE the new wedge style (above). I love how comfortable they are (like, wear-them-all-day comfortable). I love Annie's (the owner's) personalized service. And, I love supporting a local designer!


Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I love this bracelet by Shy Siren. Think it would match everything in my wardrobe (especially because my wardrobe revolves around jeans). And it's so jangly! Shy Siren's Vintage Chic line is filled with colors like: tea and honey, seafoam, purple, turquoise and copper. Oooh!

The gals at Shy Siren have been generous enough to offer girl most likely to readers a discount! 15% of any online order with code "girlmostlikelyto"...not too shabby! So, order up!


Technorati Profile

now it's official...I'm claiming my blog on Technorati...c'mon spiders :)


How cute are these?! Not your mama's sock monkeys! Toronto based Monkey House has some of the sassiest sock monkeys around. Madge and Sylvia (pictured above) are my all time faves, but she has many others to choose from on her Etsy shop. Love them!

My next plush obsession is Amsterdam based, The House of Mouse. Anna, creates sweet little mice, each with their own personalities. The perfect gifts for your favorite artist, golfer, ballerina, gardener, or Beatles fan (she'll even do custom work!). Go to her Etsy shop to see more.

Last, but not least, is my favorite local plush designer. Luisa, creator of Pock-it Palz, manages to balance her high school schedule with making some very fun plushy creations. Her designs have been shown in art galleries in L.A., Seattle and Chicago since she was 11 years old... Rotofugi in Chicago has been carrying her line since 2004, and since, her toys have become quite collectible! Great work, Luisa!


Thursday, May 22, 2008

├╝ber cute.

I'm totally in love with this chicken pillow....and all the sweet little appliqued things at UK based Poppy Treffry. Tea cosies, coffee cosies, and egg cosies. Yep! Egg cosies people. How cute is that?! I'm just smitten. Her site is adorable too.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I have a new favorite online store...RianRae. What an amazing collection of goods. The chandelier is SO fabulous, I can hardly stand it. I love it's elegant yet "bohemian vibe" (that's how RianRae's owner, Jeni Crawford described it). That vibe runs through the whole was difficult for me to choose what items to show here.


squeaky clean.

mi spa is my favorite line of skincare products. The products are rice based, all natural, and will make your skin feel great.

Try: Juk (bamboo) scented lotion (on my hands right now) It's citrus-y goodness. Or try mango iced tea. Fantastic. The "sugar mochi body polish" will make you all soft and buttery. The soaps are great too...they last a long time, and get you to that squeaky clean place.



My 11 year old daughter was recently asked what she wants to be when she grows up. She said "a crafter" (my heart just melted a little)...her response sparked my interested in creating a blog that's all about the independent artists and crafters out there.

So, here goes! My favorite things from my favorite indie my daughter can see that she CAN make a career out of doing what she loves...(starting with a photo of her and her sweet little hand-sewn creatures).